6.2.1 for glibc-2.4

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6.2.1 for glibc-2.4

Paul A. Steckler
I need a Linux ghc 6.2.1 built with glibc-2.4.  The existing 6.2.1 RPM,
built with glibc-2.3, works mostly OK, but with some programs, the
generated executables barf and die on startup.  

Any suggestions on how to create such a beast?

I've tried using ghc 6.4.1, for which there's a Fedora 5 RPM, to build
6.2.1 from source, but all sorts of compile errors occur.  

On a Linux with glibc-2.3 installed, is there a way to have the ghc
build use a different glibc?

-- Paul
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