A few comments on WinHugs-sep2006.exe

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A few comments on WinHugs-sep2006.exe

Thorkil Naur

As an enthusiastic Hugs user, I recently installed Hugs using
WinHugs-Sep2006.exe and noted the following:

1. When running hugs.exe from an ordinary DOS prompt, activating the editor
(Notepad) using :e returns control immediately to the Hugs prompt, in
addition to starting the Notepad. So, although I am able to edit the desired
(Haskell) source file, I need to do a :r after saving, to make Hugs aware of
the changes. This is certainly different from what I have experienced with
earlier Hugs'es where :e did not return until edits were completed, enabling
Hugs to respond to the most recent edits immediately.

2. Running hugs.exe from a DOS prompt reports the version as 20051031 whereas
activating WinHugs reports Version Sep 2006.

3. In the WinHugs menu, the menu item Help has it's "l" underscored.
Nevertheless, Alt-h is what is required to activate the help menu.

I will gladly enter Hugs trac issues for these items if convenient.

Thanks and best regards
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