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ANN: BlogLiterately-0.2

Robert Greayer-2
Due to overwhelming popular demand*, BlogLiterately (version 0.2) has been released on Hackage.

It's a simple tool for uploading posts written in markdown and (optionally) literate Haskell to web logs.  It relies heavily on Pandoc for markdown processing, but adds a few twists like syntax highlighting via hscolour.  The original version was described here:

The new version (the first version on hackage) has been updated a bit -- to take advantage of Pandoc highlighting extensions and to support blog categories, mainly.  The primary documentation is just the haskell package page:

It's only been tested with a WordPress blog (mine) but ought to work with any blogging software that supports the MetaWeblog API.

Send bug reports, etc. to me...


* -- 2 people asked

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