ANN: Compose Unconference and Exchange [NYC, May 20-21]

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ANN: Compose Unconference and Exchange [NYC, May 20-21]

Gershom Bazerman
I'm happy to announce that we now have a venue and dates for the
affiliated Unconference and Exchange (aka "hackathon") for the Compose
conference in NYC. It will take place the weekend immediately
following the main conference, featuring improptu tutorials,
collaborative coding, and generally be a good informal opportunity to
work and discuss with functional programmers of all sorts.

Registration (free) is at:

Registration for the main conference remains at: Early bird tickets are now
gone, so get tickets while you can!

We're also happy to announce the topic of our invited keynote by Emily Riehl:
A Categorical View of Computational Effects

* Unconference information:

* Unconference registration:

* Full conference abstracts:

* Conference Registration:

* Follow @composeconf on twitter for news:

* On freenode irc, chat with fellow attendees at #composeconference

* Corporate sponsorships are welcome. Current sponsors list forthcoming.

* Policies (diversity and anti-harassment):

* Email us with any questions at [hidden email]

* Please forward this announcement to interested parties and lists.
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