ANN: HStringTemplate 0.6.2

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ANN: HStringTemplate 0.6.2

I haven't sent out a release announcement for HStringTemplate in some
time. In that time, there's been a host of new users, and consequently
a host of feature requests and bug reports. Among the relatively
recent changes:

* Simple quasiquotation.
* Proper unicode support (files are read in UTF-8, Data.Text templates
are supported).
* Creation of groups from hierarchies of directories.
* Separators are applied within iterated template application.
* Chained iterated template application now occurs depthwise rather
than breadthwise.
* Encoding functions generalized from String -> String to (Stringable
a) => a -> a
* Trailing newlines stripped from templates.
* Initial newlines stripped after conditionals.
* Functions to check templates for proper parsing, and existence of
all necessary parameters and invoked templates.

Current version is, as always, on Hackage:

User-maintained documentation on the wiki:

Patches, bug reports, requests, and especially additional work on the
documentation always welcome.

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