ANN: New version of graphmod (1.2.4)

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ANN: New version of graphmod (1.2.4)

Iavor Diatchki

I am pleased to announce a new version of `graphmod`---a program that helps you visualize the import dependencies between the modules in your Haskell programs.

The new feature in version 1.2.4 is support for pruning the dependency graph, which is enabled with the flag -p or --prune-edges.    When this option is selected, `graphmod` will ignore imports to modules that are already imported by some of the dependencies of the module.

For example, consider the following modules:

    module A where { import B; import C }
    module B where { import C }
    module C where { }

When generated with `--prune-edges`, the resulting graph will be:

    A -> B -> C

Note that there is no edge from `A` to `C`, because `C` is already imported by `B`.

Happy hacking,

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