ANN: flexiwrap-0.1.0 etc.

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ANN: flexiwrap-0.1.0 etc.

Iain Alexander
New versions of the package flexiwrap (supplying flexible wrappers for instance
selection) and related packages have been released to Hackage.


flexiwrap version 0.1.0 supports instances of many additional classes for
FlexiWrap, and improved documentation, although much remains to be done - more
class instances for FlexiWrap, and other wrappers, and more documentation.

data-type version 0.1.0 adds a proxy type Data.Type.Proxy.

function-combine version 0.1.0 updates its dependencies to support the new
version of data-type.

flexiwrap-smallcheck version 0.1.0 is a new package supplying support for
instances of Serial for FlexiWrap, for use with the smallcheck package.  
Support for Serial instances for other wrappers is outstanding.


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