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Announcing network-

The release is mostly communicating change. There are a few new APIs,
but much of this release is dedicated to preperation for Many long
standing functions and modules with tacit deprecation have been officially
marked as such.

Change log:
 * Obsoleting the Network module.
 * Obsoleting the Network.BSD module.
 * Obsoleting APIs: MkSocket, htonl, ntohl,
              getPeerCred, getPeerEid,
              send, sendTo, recv, recvFrom, recvLen,
              inet_addr, inet_ntoa,
              isConnected, isBound, isListening, isReadable, isWritable,
          sOL_SOCKET, sCM_RIGHTS,
              packFamily, unpackFamily, packSocketType
 * Do not closeFd within sendFd
 * Exporting ifNameToIndex and ifIndexToName from Network.Socket.
 * New APIs: setCloseOnExecIfNeeded, getCloseOnExec and getNonBlock
 * New APIs: isUnixDomainSocketAvailable and getPeerCredential
 * socketPair, sendFd and recvFd are exported even on Windows.

Upcoming changes in will include:
 * Functions and modules marked as deprecated in will be removed.
 * New APIs introduced in will be present in
 * Socket addresses will have an extensible API.
 * Linux, BSD and Windows will all have the same API. has been implemented, but we will wait a sufficient period of time
before releasing it.

As always thanks to network contributors!

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