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Emanuel Borsboom

Release notes:

  • The Stack home page is now at, which shows the documentation rendered by Note: this has necessitated some changes to the links in the documentation’s markdown source code, so please check the links on the website before submitting a PR to fix them.
  • The locations of the Ubuntu and Debian package repositories have changed to have correct URL semantics according to Debian’s guidelines #1378. The old locations will continue to work for some months, but we suggest that you adjust your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/fpco.list to the new location to avoid future disruption.
  • openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise packages are now available, thanks to @mimi1vx. Note: there will be some lag before these pick up new versions, as they are based on Stackage LTS.

Major changes:

  • Support for building inside a Nix-shell providing system dependencies #1285
  • Add optional GPG signing on stack upload --sign or with stack sig sign ...

Other enhancements:

  • Print latest applicable version of packages on conflicts #508
  • Support for packages located in Mercurial repositories #1397
  • Only run benchmarks specified as build targets #1412
  • Support git-style executable fall-through (stack something executes stack-something if present) #1433
  • GHCi now loads intermediate dependencies #584
  • --work-dir option for overriding .stack-work #1178
  • Support detailed-0.9 tests #1429
  • Docker: improved POSIX signal proxying to containers #547

Bug fixes:

  • Show absolute paths in error messages in multi-package builds #1348
  • Docker-built binaries and libraries in different path #911 #1367
  • Docker: --resolver argument didn’t effect selected image tag
  • GHCi: Spaces in filepaths caused module loading issues #1401
  • GHCi: cpp-options in cabal files weren’t used #1419
  • Benchmarks couldn’t be run independently of eachother #1412
  • Send output of building setup to stderr #1410