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Emanuel Borsboom

New version released of Stack, a build tool.

See README for installation and upgrade instructions.

There are now Windows installers available: download them here. In addition, new Fedora 23 packages are available here.

Note that, starting with v0.1.8.0, releases of Stack will always have an even-numbered second-to-last version component. Odd second-to-last version components are reserved for unstable builds.

Major changes:

  • GHCJS can now be used with stackage snapshots via the new compiler field.
  • Docker integration works with non-FP Complete generated images

Other enhancements:

  • Added an allow-newer config option
  • When a Hackage revision invalidates a build plan in a snapshot, trust the
    snapshot #770
  • Added a stack config set resolver RESOLVER command. Part of work on
  • stack setup can now install GHCJS on windows. See
    #1145 and
  • stack hpc report command added, which generates reports for HPC tix files
  • stack ghci now accepts all the flags accepted by stack build. See
  • stack ghci builds the project before launching GHCi. If the build fails,
    optimistically launch GHCi anyway. Use stack ghci --no-build option to
    disable #1065
  • stack ghci now detects and warns about various circumstances where it is
    liable to fail. See
  • Added require-docker-version configuration option
  • Packages will now usually be built along with their tests and benchmarks. See
  • Relative local-bin-path paths will be relative to the project’s root
    directory, not the current working directory.
  • stack clean now takes an optional [PACKAGE] argument for use in
    multi-package projects. See
  • Ignore cabal_macros.h as a dependency
  • Pad timestamps and show local time in —verbose output
  • GHCi: Import all modules after loading them
  • Add subcommand aliases: repl for ghci, and runhaskell for runghc
  • Add typo recommendations for unknown package identifiers
  • Add stack path --local-hpc-root option
  • Overhaul dependencies’ haddocks copying
  • Support for extra-package-dbs in ‘stack ghci’
  • stack new disallows package names with “words” consisting solely of numbers
  • stack build --fast turns off optimizations

Bug fixes:

  • Fix: Haddocks not copied for dependencies
  • Fix: Global options did not work consistently after subcommand
  • Fix: ‘stack ghci’ doesn’t notice that a module got deleted
  • Rebuild when cabal file is changed
  • Fix: Paths in GHC warnings not canonicalized, nor those for packages in
    subdirectories or outside the project root
  • Fix: unlisted files in tests and benchmarks trigger extraneous second build