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ANN: stack-1.0.0

Emanuel Borsboom

A Christmas present: we’re calling this version 1.0! This is a minor enhancement and bug fix release, but since Stackage LTS 4 is about to be cut we thought it was time to give Stack a version number that reflects its readiness for production use.


  • Added flag --profile flag: passed with stack build, it will enable profiling, and for --bench and --test it will generate a profiling report by passing +RTS -p to the executable(s). Great for using like stack build --bench --profile (remember that enabling profile will slow down your benchmarks by >4x). Run stack build --bench again to disable the profiling and get proper speeds
  • Added flag --trace flag: just like --profile, it enables profiling, but instead of generating a report for --bench and --test, prints out a stack trace on exception. Great for using like stack build --test --trace
  • Nix: all options can be overriden on command line #1483
  • Nix: build environments (shells) are now pure by default.
  • Make verbosity silent by default in script interpreter mode #1472
  • Show a message when resetting git commit fails #1453
  • Improve Unicode handling in project/package names #1337
  • Fix ambiguity between a stack command and a filename to execute (prefer stack subcommands) #1471
  • Support multi line interpreter directive comments #1394
  • Handle space separated pids in ghc-pkg dump (for GHC HEAD) #1509
  • Add ghci —no-package-hiding option #1517
  • stack new can download templates from URL #1466

Bug fixes:

  • Nix: stack exec options are passed properly to the stack sub process #1538
  • Nix: specifying a shell-file works in any current working directory #1547
  • Nix: use --resolver argument
  • Docker: fix missing image message and ‘—docker-auto-pull’
  • No HTML escaping for “stack new” template params #1475
  • Set permissions for generated .ghci script #1480
  • Restrict commands allowed in interpreter mode #1504
  • stack ghci doesn’t see preprocessed files for executables #1347
  • All test suites run even when only one is requested #1550
  • Edge cases in broken templates give odd errors #1535
  • Fix test coverage bug on windows