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ANN: stack-1.1.2

Emanuel Borsboom

Release notes:

Major changes:

  • Extensible custom snapshots implemented. These allow you to define snapshots which extend other snapshots. See #863. Local file custom snapshots can now be safely updated without changing their name. Remote custom snapshots should still be treated as immutable.

Behavior changes:

  • stack path --compiler was added in the last release, to yield a path to the compiler. Unfortunately, --compiler is a global option that is useful to use with stack path. The same functionality is now provided by stack path --compiler-exe. See #2123
  • For packages specified in terms of a git or hg repo, the hash used in the location has changed. This means that existing downloads from older stack versions won’t be used. This is a side-effect of the fix to #2133
  • stack upgrade no longer pays attention to local stack.yaml files, just the global config and CLI options. #1392
  • stack ghci now uses :add instead of :load, making it potentially work better with user scripts. See #1888

Other enhancements:

  • Grab Cabal files via Git SHA to avoid regressions from Hackage revisions #2070
  • Custom snapshots now support ghc-options.
  • Package git repos are now re-used rather than re-cloned. See #1620
  • DESTDIR is filtered from environment when installing GHC. See #1460
  • stack haddock now supports --hadock-arguments. See #2144
  • Signing: warn if GPG_TTY is not set as per man gpg-agent

Bug fixes:

  • Now ignore project config when doing stack init or stack new. See #2110
  • Packages specified by git repo can now have submodules. See #2133
  • Fix of hackage index fetch retry. See re-opening of #1418
  • HPack now picks up changes to filesystem other than package.yaml. See #2051
  • “stack solver” no longer suggests —omit-packages. See #2031
  • Fixed an issue with building Cabal’s Setup.hs. See #1356
  • Package dirtiness now pays attention to deleted files. See #1841
  • stack ghci now uses extra-lib-dirs and extra-include-dirs. See #1656
  • Relative paths outside of source dir added via qAddDependentFile are now checked for dirtiness. See #1982
  • Signing: always use --with-fingerprints

Thanks to all our contributors for this release:

And thanks also to the 150+ contributors to past releases!