ANN: template 0.1 - Simple string substitution

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ANN: template 0.1 - Simple string substitution

Johan Tibell-2
As an exercise I wrote a simple string substitution library that supports
"$"-based substitution ala Perl or Python. Example usage:

> import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy.Char8 as B
> import Text.Template
> context = Map.fromList . map packPair
>     where packPair (x, y) = (B.pack x, B.pack y)
> helloTemplate = B.pack "Hello, $name! Want some ${fruit}s?"
> helloContext = context [("name", "Johan"), ("fruit", "banana")]
> main = B.putStrLn $ substitute helloTemplate helloContext

Hopefully this is useful for someone who needs something more readable
than Text.Printf's "%s"-based substitution or string concatenation for
longer strings but less than a full blown templating system like the
ones found in most web frameworks.


darcs get

Once we get ByteString literals most of the noise in the above example
will disappear. In the mean time it's probably a good idea to write
utility function like "context" above when you prefer a convenient
String interface to a somewhat faster ByteString interface.

It would be great if someone could do a code review and add it to
Hackage if it looks OK. I'll really appreciate the feedback. Also, I'm
not 100% sure how to make the haddock links work with Hackage so they
link to the library docs. Is this something done at upload time?

Here are some open issues:

   * I currently use my own ByteString parser. Data.Binary almost does
what I need. Basically I need takeWhile and two chars of look-ahead.

   * I would like to only depend on base, currently I use State so I
depend on mtl.


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