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ANN: wxHaskell 0.10.3

Jeremy O'Donoghue
The wxHaskell development team is pleased to announce the release of
wxHaskell 0.10.3, a Haskell binding
for the wxWidgets GUI library.

The Haskell support is built on a reasonably complete C language
binding, which
could be used as the basis for wxWidgets support on other
which do not have easy mechanisms for linking with C++ code.

The feature set is the same as wxHaskell 0.10.3 rc1 and rc2, with a
number of
additional bugfixes.

This is the first full release since June 2005, and is the result of a
great deal of work by a new team of contributors.

Highlights of 0.10.3 include:

- Support for Unicode builds of wxWidgets
- Support for additional widgets including calendar, toolbar divider,
  styled text control (wxScintilla), media control
- Support for clipboard, drag and drop
- Support for 64bit (Linux) targets
- Support for wxWidgets 2.6.x (support for wxWidgets 2.4.2 if
  you compile from source). wxWidgets 2.8 is not yet supported
- Support for building with GHC 6.6.x and 6.8.x
- Parts of wxHaskell are now built with Cabal
- New test cases
- Removed support GHC version < 6.4
- Profiling support
- Smaller generated binary sizes (using --split-objs)

Binary packages are available from the wxHaskell download site at, for the
following platforms:

- Debian
- Windows
- OS X (Intel and PPC platforms)
- Source code .tar.gz and .zip
- Documentation (cross-platform)

The wxHaskell libraries (wxcore and wx) are also available from Hackage

About wxHaskell

wxHaskell is a Haskell binding to the wxWidgets GUI library for recent
of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler. It provides a native look and feel on
OS X and Linux, and a medium level programming interface.

The main project page for wxHaskell is at
The latest source code for wxHaskell can always be obtained from
There are developer ([hidden email] and user
([hidden email]) mailing lists, and a wiki page
at which can provide more
information to those interested.

wxHaskell was originally created by Daan Leijen. The contributors to
this new release include:

- Eric Kow
- shelarcy
- Arie Middelkoop
- Mads Lindstroem
- Jeremy O'Donoghue
- Lennart Augustson

The C language binding for wxHaskell was derived from an original C
language binding created for the Eiffel programming language by the
ELJ project (
  Jeremy O'Donoghue
  [hidden email]

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[hidden email]