ANNOUNCE: Ajhc Haskell Compiler Release

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ANNOUNCE: Ajhc Haskell Compiler Release

Kiwamu Okabe
We are happy to announce Ajhc
This version is a point release to fix some BUGs, and support Android
NDK platform.

You can get Ajhc using "cabal install ajhc" command.
The usage is found at Ajhc's project web site
The source code at

Welcome sending any bugs or your ideas to

## Support new platforms

### Android NDK

The demo movie at
The touchable cube application is written with Haskell and compiled by Ajhc.
In the demo, the application is breaked by ndk-gdb debugger when running GC.
You could watch the demo source code at

## Other changes

* Experimental support Mac OS X to compile Ajhc and use it.
* Start to run buid test for Mac OS X on Travis CI.
* Depend on derive package. But near future use DrIFT again. For
Haskell 98 compliant.
* Fix the bugs forgetting to clear memory.

Enjoy! :)
- - -
Metasepi team
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