ANNOUNCE: Hac NYC: Haskell Hackathon in NYC, April 4-6

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ANNOUNCE: Hac NYC: Haskell Hackathon in NYC, April 4-6


On behalf of the organizers, I am pleased to officially announce the
first Hac NYC, a Haskell hackathon/get-together to be held April 4-6
in New York City.  Space will be provided by Etsy on Saturday and
Sunday.  Details for Friday will be announced as they become
finalized.  We want to stress that everyone is welcome---you do not
have to be a Haskell guru to attend!  Helping hack on someone else's
project could be a great way to increase your Haskell-fu.

If you plan on coming, you must officially register by filling out our
registration form [1].  Other details for travel, lodging, etc can be
found on the Hac NYC wiki [2].

We're also looking for a few people interested in giving short (15-20
min.) talks, probably on Saturday afternoon.  Anything of interest to
the Haskell community is fair game---a project you've been working on,
a paper, a quick tutorial.  If you'd like to give a talk, add it on
the wiki [3].

Hope to see you in April!

-The Hac NYC Team

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