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Hi all,

Fugue is (yet) another contribution to the thriving cottage industry of
alternate preludes.  The goals for this one include minimal dependencies
(currently nothing outside of base), minimal new functionality (there
is, as yet, not a single line of original code other than module import
and export wrangling), and measured exuberance in bringing useful and
unoffensive names into scope.

Effectively, fugue is a Prelude for those times when one wants a bit
more out of the Haskell libraries without having to ask for them.  It's
happened often enough that I've wanted (<$>), isJust, forM, and (<>) in
the same file that I thought it might be nice to write one import
instead of four or so.  I honestly have no idea whether this is a good
idea or not; it's certainly not intended to be particularly clever, just
convenient.  The code's on github at  I'd welcome any suggestions for
improvements or dire warnings explaining how polluting the namespace
will destroy everything that is pure and good in this world.  If I don't
hear any reasonable objections, I'll toss it up on hackage in a day or


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