ANNOUNCE: graphviz 2999.19.0.0

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ANNOUNCE: graphviz 2999.19.0.0

Ivan Lazar Miljenovic
I've just released a new version of my Haskell bindings to the
Graphviz graph visualisation toolkit.

Note that the major version bump is solely because I had to remove
what I thought was a useful feature (trying to allow you to do things
like `"a" --> ["b", "c", "d"]` in Monadic graphs by automagically
converting the "a" into ["a"]) turned out not to work in practice (as
people will typically use this with literal values, but when combined
with OverloadedStrings results in GHC getting confused as to what the
type is).

So unless you actually managed to use this functionality, then the API
remains the same as 2999.18.* and you should just be able to bump your
upper versions in your .cabal files (which you all do, right)?

Ivan Lazar Miljenovic
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