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ANNOUNCE: keera-network-sms-diamondcard

Ivan Perez
My fellow haskellers,

I wrote a very simple library to send SMSs using the DiamondCard VoIP provider.
At the present time, it uses the HTTP interface to contact the provider
(there's a SOAP interface, but I haven't been able to make it play along
with shoap).

The current API is quite straightforward:

sendSMS :: String -> String -> String -> String -> [ String ] -> IO
sendSMS accountID pinCode message fromNumber toNumbers

I don't like submitting alpha-stage software to hackage, so it's only in github
for now:

In a few days I plan to release a small GTK frontend that I've been using for a
few months.

If you give either of them a try, I'd be glad to know where it got you.

Ivan Perez

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