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[Ann] Haskell Ecosystem Proposals

Alan & Kim Zimmerman
Earlier this year Simon Peyton Jones wrote about respect [1], and said

"It's worth separating two things

  1. Publicly debating an issue where judgements differ
  2. Using offensive or adversarial language in that debate"

There is now a repository[2]  for us as a community to have the first kind of discussion about issues that affect the community as a whole.

The intention is that this becomes a neutral place where  discussion can take place about coordinating the various services offered to the haskell community.

This is partly to expose the thinking and constraints on a particular approach, so proponents of other approaches can have a better understanding of how things can evolve.

The idea is that through an honest understanding of the various parts we can achieve consensus on how to improve things.

If this all sounds a bit handwavy, the first concrete example of this approach is a pull request [3] discussing the management of implicit or speculative version bounds between cabal-install/hackage and stack/stackage.  This has reached a point where there is a clearer understanding of the actual problem, and a viable solution must be agreed.

The structure of the repository is shamelessly copied from the one for GHC proposals, so the actual process description is way off. It should probably just state that we discuss until consensus is reached if possible, but that we are always open for further discussion.

It is up to all of us to make this work.


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