Announcing xmonad-testing: Help us test xmonad for v0.13

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Announcing xmonad-testing: Help us test xmonad for v0.13

Peter Jones
We're working on the v0.13 release but we need your help.  We'd like to
process as many pull requests/patches as possible before the release.
And of course, we'd like it to be as rock solid as possible.

We now have a new repo that should help you participate:

Even if you don't know how to use `git` you can help.  The `README.md`
file for the `xmonad-testing` repository contains instructions on
testing someone else's pull request.  Just follow the steps!

If you have some spare cycles here's how you can help:

  * Test someone's pull request using xmonad-testing

  * Review open issues and see if you can fix something :)

Thanks everyone!

Peter Jones, Founder, Devalot.com
Defending the honor of good code

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