Another(!) PhD Position at Strathclyde

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Another(!) PhD Position at Strathclyde

Conor McBride-2
Hot on the heels of Patricia Johann's advertisement, here's another

                        PhD Position
                          in the
             Mathematically Structured Programming Group,
           Deparment of Computer and Information Sciences
                          at the
                 University of Strathclyde
                   to be supervised by
             Dr. Conor McBride and Prof. Neil Ghani
                    on something related to

              Designing Precision with Dependent Types.

We invite applications for one PhD position within the Mathematically
Structured Programming group at the University of Strathclyde. The
group comprises Prof. Neil Ghani, Dr. Patricia Johann, Dr. Conor  
Dr. Peter Hancock, Dr. Robert Atkey, and five PhD students. The PhD
project involves THEORETICAL and PRACTICAL issues in FUNCTIONAL

Dependent type systems allow us to construct precise variations on
general-purpose datatypes which address the specific needs of
particular programming problems, thus opening a new "precision" axis
in the design space of programs and data. We seek equipment to help
programmers explore this axis, determining what is needed to shift the
level of precision at which existing functions operate and which
properties are guaranteed in return. The project thus represents an
opportunity to study mathematical abstractions with a concrete
engineering motivation.

The PhD position is for 3 years, starting in October 2011. The position
is a fully-funded post for a UK or EU student, and includes coverage
both of fees and an EPSRC-level stipend for each of the three years.

More information about the department is available at

The University of Strathclyde ( is slap bang
in the middle of Glasgow, a thronging metropolis of wit and daring.
Scotland is a hive of activity in Computer Science: we have active
collaborations with researchers at Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt, Glasgow and
St. Andrews. This is the time and the place to make an impact.

Requests for further information and other informal enquiries can be
sent to:

              Conor McBride
        conor at

Please get in touch as soon as you can. We hope to appoint in early May.

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