[CFP]Automatic Debugging, Error and Impact Reporting Approaches workshop

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[CFP]Automatic Debugging, Error and Impact Reporting Approaches workshop

Michal J Gajda
International workshop on Automatic Debugging, Error and Impact Reporting Approaches

Automatic debugging, error fixing, and reporting is getting more and
more popularity across different research communities. We aim to provide
a forum for exchange of latest work and document best practices across
different disciplines.

-   Automatic reproducers like those generated by LLDB
-   Automatic unit test extraction and using decorators and code
-   Automatic reproducer/error case minimization
-   Interactive error recovery systems and their applications
-   Error algebras and error-tracing algebras
-   Formalizations of debugging
-   Fault impact reporting and accuracy estimation
-   Provenance tracking in term rewriting
-   Error analytics pipelines and databases
-   Error monitoring in intrusion detection systems
-   Delta debugging
-   Automatic generation of error dashboards
-   Global fault analysis of systems with both computational and human
    component, and cyber-physical systems.

Note that workshop particularly encourage treatment of all kinds of
errors, be they compile-time, run-time, discrepancies between intent and
specification, hardware failures, or human errors to the degree to which
they are amenable to automatic analysis and reporting.

Intended audience

-   Experts in automated debugging, error fixing wishing to exchange
    knowledge with their peers.
-   Industry practitioners interested to learn more about approaches to
    automated analysis of errors.
-   Academics in quest for formalization of automated error analysis and
-   Financial industry practitioners interested in computer science
    approaches to satisfy risk reporting guidelines with respect to
    error impact tracing and reporting of accuracy
-   Management scientist looking for automatic global fault reporting
    and impact reporting methodologies.

Because of this, we encourage you to reference used theories and
methodologies, and provide a introductions with use cases.

The workshop is held as a part of [Programming Conference


-   Our main goal is to encourage social exchange of ideas related to
    automatic error analysis and impact reporting.
-   We call for position papers, research expositions, early stage work,
    and industry experience papers to encourage exchange of on-going
    research and implementation efforts.

Important dates

Abstract registration deadline
:   January 15th, 2021

Submission deadline
:   January 20th, 2021

Author response period
:   February 14th-21st, 2021

Acceptance notification
:   March 1st, 2021
Programme committee

-   Kenichi Asai, [Ochanomizu
-   Michał J. Gajda, [Migamake Pte Ltd](https://migamake.com) *(chair)*
-   Michał "phoe" Herda [\#lisp @ Freenode
-   Henrik Nilsson [University of
-   Vladimir Panteleev
-   Francesco Spegni [Università Politecnica delle
-   Dmitry Vostokov [DumpAnalysis.org](https://DumpAnalysis.org)
-   Vadim Zaytsev [Universiteit Twente](http://grammarware.net)


We welcome original, unpublished papers of the following forms: full
articles, extended abstracts, case studies.

Please submit your paper or extended abstract [by
EasyChair](https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=adeira2021). You may
[contact the committee chair](https://www.linkedin.com/in/mjgajda/) with
any questions you have about submission.

The paper evaluation will use the following criteria: \* Novelty \*
Clarity of exposition \* Transferrability of innovation(s) to other
domains \* Scientific rigour and form of the article \*
Cross-pollination potential with other papers \* Preliminary papers will
be offered feedback on how to improve the quality in all these factors
before and during the workshop

All submissions should use [ACM DL
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