CUFP Final Program and Early Registration Deadline Reminder

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CUFP Final Program and Early Registration Deadline Reminder

Kathleen Fisher
Hi all!

Reminder! The early registration deadline for Commercial Users of Functional Programing (CUFP) is this Friday, August 18.

Registration is available from the ICFP registration page:

CUFP will take place on Thursday, September 21st, the day after ICFP.

The final program for CUFP is now available:

8:30 Haskell and the Linspire Toolchain
        Clifford Beshers, Linspire Inc.
9:00 Automated Testing of Reactive Systems with SML
        Steve Sims, Reactive Systems, Inc.
9:30 Scheme in Space
        Richard Cleis, Air Force Research Lab.
10:00 B R E A K
10:30 Mission Critical OCaml: Experiences using FP in Finance
        Yaron Minsky, Jane Street Capital. abstract
11:00 Why Functional Programming Matters to Credit Suisse
        Gabriele Keller and Lennart Augustsson, Credit Suisse First Boston. abstract
11:30 Group Discussion: Mixed Mode Approaches and/or Finding Employees.
12:00 L U N C H
2:00 Analysis of Microprocessor Components with a Functional 
        Language-based Formal Verification Toolbox
        Roope Kaivola, Intel Corporation.
2:30 Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Selling Bluespec to Hardware Designers
        Rishiyir Nihkil, Bluespec, Inc.
3:00 Group Discussion: Adoption of New Technology: Making the Case.
3:30 B R E A K
4:00 Artifically Intelligent Haskell
        J. Garret Morris, Aetion Inc.
4:30 Betting on Functional Programming and Winning
        Erik Stenman, Kreditor.
5:00 Wrap-Up.

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