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Cafe first, then beginners

Kim-Ee Yeoh
Dear haskeller,

Please consider writing to the haskell-cafe mailing list with your questions. Should you get an unsatisfactory response there, then retry your queries here on haskell-beginners.

Here's why:

Haskell-cafe has about 10x the number of eyeballs. 

Everyone here in haskell-beginners also reads haskell-cafe. 

So you'll reach the same folks here but many, many more there.

This is especially helpful to you if your questions don't just deal with LYAH-level language fundamentals but overlap specialized domains like music, web dev, and infrastructure issues like OS, cabal, stack, etc.

Haskell-beginners started way back when there was much traffic coinciding with an overflow of basic questions on cafe. Some folks, including old-timers, felt overwhelmed. There was a sense that the latter convos should be separated out.

But seasons change, and the cafe has dried up, mostly in volume but thankfully not in subscriber count.

You will do your questions great justice if you air them in a forum capable of rich and varied responses.

-- Kim-Ee

-- Kim-Ee

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