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Call for Papers: VSTTE 2009

Jean-Christophe Filliatre
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*                                                       *
*                     VSTTE  2009                       *
*                                                       *
*            Workshop on Verified Software              *
*            Theory Tools  and Experiments              *
*                                                       *
*        (affiliated with Formal Methods Week)          *
*                                                       *
*                   November 2, 2009                    *
*              Eindhoven, the Netherlands               *
*                       *
*                                                       *
*        Deadline for submissions:  Sep 4, 2009         *
*                                                       *

FM 2009 is the  sixteenth in a series of symposia  of the
Formal Methods Europe  association,   and the second  one
that  is organized as  a world congress. Ten  years after
FM'99,  the  1st  World Congress,  the   formal   methods
communities from all over the world  will once again have
an  opportunity  to  meet.   FM 2009   will  be  both  an
opportunity to  celebrate, and an  opportunity to join in
when enthusiastic   researchers and practitioners  from a
diversity  of backgrounds and   schools come together  to
discuss their ideas and experiences.

The workshop on Verified Software: Theories,  Tools,  and
Experiments (VSTTE 2009) will take place on  November the
2nd.   The focus of this  workshop will be on tools,   as
previous   VSTTE   conferences   in  Zurich  and  Toronto
emphasised  theories  and  experiments.     Consisting of
contributed papers and invited talks,   the workshop will
focus on the tools  behind the development of  systematic
methods   for   specifying,   building,   and   verifying
high-quality software.  This includes topics like:

    * Program logic
    * Specification and verification techniques
    * Tool support for specification languages
    * Tool for various design methodologies
    * Tool integration and plug-ins
    * Automation in formal verification
    * Tool comparisons and benchmark repositories
    * Combination of tools and techniques
      (e.g. formal vs. semiformal, software specification
      vs. engineering techniques)
    * Customizing tools for particular applications

Papers about  tool architectures,  and their achievements
are most welcome.   The contributed papers,  which should
report  on  previously  unpublished  work,   can  reflect
current  and   preliminary  work  in  areas  of  software
verification.  New  technical results,  overviews  of new
developments in  software  verification  projects,  short
papers  accompanying  tool  demonstrations,  as  well  as
position  papers  on how to  further  advance the goal of
verified software are all welcome.


Submitted papers should not have been submitted elsewhere
for publication, should use the Springer-Verlag's package,     and
should not exceed 15 pages including appendices.

Papers will be processed through the EasyChair conference
management system.


Submission deadline         September 4, 2009, 11:59pm Samoa time (UTC-11)
Notification of acceptance  October 2, 2009
Final version               October 16, 2009


    Leo Freitas,  [hidden email]
    Department of Computer Science
    University of York, YO10 5DD York, UK
    Tel: (+44) (0) 1904 434753

    Jean-Christophe Filliatre, [hidden email]
    CNRS / INRIA Saclay - Ile-de-france - ProVal
    Parc Orsay Universite, batiment N
    4, rue Jacques Monod 91893
    Orsay Cedex FRANCE
    Tel: (+33) (0)1 74 85 42 27


    Further information will be put on the workshop web-page

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