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Call for community volunteers

Malcolm Wallace
As you may know, (also hosting code.h.o,  
trac.h.o, etc) exists as a resource to enable Haskellers to publish  
and collaborate on open source projects.

The current admin team for this virtual host finds itself with a lack  
of time (and occasionally expertise) to maintain the services and  
respond to user requests.

Hence, we are calling for new volunteers to join the c.h.o admin  
team.  Ideally, you will have some skills in administering one or more  

     mail servers
     apache web server
     debian/linux systems

and the willingness to learn the others, plus a hour or two a week to  
deal with requests, either coming in through the ticket system, or in  
the case of some failures, email or IRC.  (There is a backlog of  
outstanding tickets to resolve too.)

Apply to
     [hidden email]
telling us how you think you can help.


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