Cannot pull HEAD, error pulling Cabal

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Cannot pull HEAD, error pulling Cabal

Johan Tibell-2

I get this on OS X:

== running git submodule update
fatal: not found: did you
run git update-server-info on the server?
Unable to fetch in submodule path 'libraries/Cabal'
git failed: 256 at ./sync-all line 116.

This happens even if I use i.e. through

    ./sync-all --testsuite -r --no-dph get

If it helps, I do have this patch from earlier today:

commit 8a1b7eb6add9d873a93f8e12ccf507bfe0d1df7e
Author: Ian Lynagh <ian at>
Date:   Tue Apr 30 00:42:31 2013 +0100

    Fix build on OS X

    sed on OS X doesn't handle \+

which doesn't seem to fix the problem.
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