Change in ~"backport needed" label convention

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Change in ~"backport needed" label convention

Ben Gamari-3
Hi everyone,

Recently with the increased rate of GHC releases we have had to handle
more concurrent stable branches. In particular, currently we have
GHC-8.8.4 and GHC-8.10.2 releases both in flight. It has become clear
that our current scheme for tracking backports, the ~"baackport needed"
GitLab label, doesn't accomodate multiple concurrent stable branches
particularly well.

Consequently, I have created a new set of labels which are specific to
each release series. For instance, ~"backport needed:8.10" means that
the MR needs to be backported to the ghc-8.10 branch. The old ~"backport
needed" label has been removed.

Please do use these new labels on merge requests to indicate that
backporting is needed.


- Ben

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