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Contributor experience report

Bryan Richter-2
Hi all,

Today I picked up an old worktree that hadn't seen much action for
a couple months and tried to get the developer environment running
again. I believe I ran into issues in Cabal, Hadrian, and/or
ghc.nix that may be interesting to some.

I wrote up the event log here:

It all ends well; I am now successfully running hadrian/ via
ghcid within the ghc.nix shell once again. :)


P.S.: I believe Shayne recommended using the devel2 build flavor
for most kinds of work. At Zurihac I ended up rebuilding the whole
tree a couple times because that flavor isn't the default (once for
Make, once for Hadrian). I will not in any way suggest changing the
defaults, but perhaps some script or other could prompt the user to
make their choice, if they haven't already?
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