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Created haskell-indexer-users mailing list

Robin Palotai
Hello Cafe,

I created!forum/haskell-indexer-users, please join if you use / interested in using haskell-indexer [1]!

Quoting Section 4.5.5 of the latest HCAR [2],

Haskell Indexer is a Kythe extension for working with Haskell source code. Kythe is language-agnostic ecosystem for building tools that work with code. An example is code search with cross-reference support: Haskell Indexer makes it possible to use Kythe-based tools with Haskell. With Haskell Indexer it’s possible to list all use-sites of any given function (get reverse-references) and explore the code without any IDE setup.
A portion of GHC and Stackage is indexed and available at

Thank you & happy coding,

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