Darcs and the Google Base

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Darcs and the Google Base

Dimitry Golubovsky
This may be just funny, but...

As the Google Base went live yesterday (11/16/2005), I tried to add
the information about my HSFFIG project to the Base. As the Base
allows to define arbitrary attributes (labels) for each item, I added
the two of "Web URL" type: CABAL and DARCS holding urls for the
project Cabal file and the Darcs repo respectively.

I was turned down on "excessive capitalization" of these labels. I
made them into "Cabal" and "Darcs". The former was accepted. the
latter was turned down again as "misspelled". I wrote an "exemption
request" explaining that Darcs is not a misspelling. However, it's
been more than a whole day since my attempt, it hasn't been resolved.

Interestingly, my item was published after I removed the "Darcs"
label, but shortly after I resubmitted the exemption request for Darcs
the item disappeared.

Dimitry Golubovsky

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