Do you want to maintain bindings-DSL?

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Do you want to maintain bindings-DSL?

Maurí­cio CA

bindings-DSL[1] is a stable and reliable macro package for FFI. It just
got a new tutorial and its repository is now in git. If no one else
wants to maintain it, I'll still be looking at issue reports and fixing
possible problems, but I've not been actively using Haskell for some time,
and won't add anything new or make plans for future changes.

The original idea behind bindings-DSL was to build a wide set of community
maintained raw bindings to interesting C libraries, on which Haskell
programmers could safely depend when creating their own higher level
packages. Although that idea never really took off, bindings-DSL itself
got some popularity, probably because it makes instancing Storable easy.

If you want to take maintenance, you have some options. You could just
kill the bindings-* idea and add some flexibility to new macros, which
I always avoided to enforce consistency. Or you could keep the original
goal, and maybe add a mailing list and a web page where users could
request new libraries and discuss solutions to trick issues. A possible
plan for version 2 is to be independent of hsc2hs, and use a new syntax
instead of C macros.

Thanks. Best,

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