GHC API output files options problem

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GHC API output files options problem

Marianna Rapoport
Hi all,

we are working on a Haskell support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, and need to provide correct compilation of Haskell programs.

We compile the latter using GHC API, with options specifying .hi and .o paths. For some reason, unlike a standalone GHC compilation, GHC API ignores the values of the outputFile and outputHi flags.

Please find attached a minimal example where "err_test.hs" uses GHC API to compile "src/A.hs".

Thus, "" and "" should do the same, but the first works correctly while the latter puts "use.o" and "use.hi" to the "src" folder. To launch "", please change the value of lib in "err_test.hs" according to your GHC installation path.

Thank you very much in advance!

Marianna Rapoport, [hidden email]
Oleg Sobolev, [hidden email]

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