GHC.Prim: Resizable Multidimensional array

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GHC.Prim: Resizable Multidimensional array

I'm trying to create a resizable multidimensional array using the primitive array stuff in GHC.Prim. I see that the only resizable array is the ByteArray#, but the only array that supports multidimensionality is the ArrayArray# as far as I can tell. 

I have groups of 4 Double#s that I want to have a resizable array of, so only really the "first dimension" needs to be resizable. I was thinking if there was a way to get the pointer of a SmallArray# as an Addr# I could use the ability of ByteArray#s to store Addr#s.

The other option I was considering was to simply have a mapping similar to the ones provided by Data.Ix that maps pairs of numbers to a single index, and in that way use a single ByteArray# to store everything. However, because this will be a fairly large array it seems like it is a much better idea to avoid allocating and reallocating that humongous chunk of memory when I can keep it spread out in smaller chunks by storing pointers to smaller arrays in the larger array. But maybe that isn't an important consideration?


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