GHC on Windows 10 15019+

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GHC on Windows 10 15019+

J. Garrett Morris-4
Hi y'all,

I've recently run into a problem using released version of GHC on
Windows 10, builds 15019 and later.  The problem seems to be an
incompatibility with Mingw64---builds fail calling realgcc.exe with
vaguely incomprehensible error messages (Program failed to start with
error 0xc0000142).

Replacing the packaged version of Mingw64 with a more recent build (from
Msys2, say) restores functioning, but no longer works if there are
spaces in the path to GHC.

I've observed this on three different machines, so I don't think it's
just a configuration oddity.  Has anyone else encountered similar
problems, or can anyone else verify?  If so, it might be worth
repackaging at least the latest released version with a more recent


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Re: GHC on Windows 10 15019+

Tamar Christina
Hi Garrett,

Thanks for the report. I've managed to reproduce the issue and have opened a ticket

Just the clarify the issue isn't with mingw-w64 or the bundled GCC version. It is with
the gcc driver that we built to override and set some default parameters.

the actual gcc binary is called realgcc.exe, when you replaced the binaries you overwrote
the wrapper, which may be what's causing your spaces issue.


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