Haskell Cheat Sheet v1.4

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Haskell Cheat Sheet v1.4

Justin Bailey
The recent Quick Reference posting reminded me I had never announced
this to the beginners list - my apologies.

I've created a "cheat sheet" for Haskell. It's a PDF that tries to
summarize Haskell 98's syntax, keywords and other language elements.
It's currently available on my blog[1] and  hackage[2]. Once
downloaded, unpack the archive and you'll see the PDF. A literate
source file is also included.

If you install with "cabal install cheatsheet", run "cheatsheet"
afterwards and the program will tell you where the PDF is located.

I wrote this for beginning to intermediate Haskell programmers. I
found it difficult to look up some of the less-used syntax and other
language stumbling blocks as I learned Haskell over the last few
years, so I hope this document can help others in the future.  With
that in mind, I welcome your comments or patches[3].


[1] http://blog.codeslower.com/2008/10/The-Haskell-Cheatsheet
[2] http://hackage.haskell.org/cgi-bin/hackage-scripts/package/CheatSheet
[3] git://github.com/m4dc4p/cheatsheet.git