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[Haskell, FP] Anduril Industries is Hiring

Travis Whitaker-2
Anduril Industries (https://www.anduril.com/careers) is hiring. Come write Haskell, Nix, and a bit of C++ to solve problems in detection, tracking, hardware interfaces, sensor fusion, and computer vision.

Here are just a few of the things we're hacking on in Haskell:

  • Nix workflow tools for cross-compilation, CI, deployment, and upgrades over heterogeneous, unreliable infrastructure.

  • Radar signal processing (with CUDA via Accelerate), target detection, and real-time visualization.

  • sUAS controls and mission planning.

  • Comprehensively tested (i.e. thoroughly QuickCheck'd/SmallCheck'd) implementations of industrial hardware interface protocols like CAN, CANopen, MAVLink, etc., as well as internally developed protocols.

  • High-reliability systems for performing health checks and over-the-air firmware upgrades of embedded systems deployed in remote environments.

  • A library of low-latency, high-throughput video processing components, used for performing image stabilization, object detection, and transcoding in real time on streaming video.

  • TUI debugging tools built with brick.

We're looking for junior and senior devs who are able to relocate to our lab in Orange County, California, USA. If this sounds interesting, shoot me an email at [hidden email]

Thanks for reading!

Travis Whitaker

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