Haskell Weekly News: Issue 129 - September 5, 2009

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Haskell Weekly News: Issue 129 - September 5, 2009

Brent Yorgey-2
Haskell Weekly News
Issue 129 - September 05, 2009

   Welcome to issue 129 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   The [2]Haskell Symposium was a great success, with many [3]interesting
   talks and a good discussion on the future of Haskell. Watch this space
   for links to video from the Symposium as it becomes available!


   HStringTemplate 0.6.2. Sterling Clover [4]announced some new features
   in the [5]HStringTemplate library, including simple quasiquotation;
   proper Unicode support; creation of groups from hierarchies of
   directories; separators applied within iterated template application;
   depthwise chained iterated template application; generalized encoding
   functions; and more.

   fclabels-0.4.0 - First class accessor labels. Sebastiaan Visser
   [6]announced a new release of the [7]fclabels package, straight from
   ICFP in Edinburgh. The package provides first-class labels which act as
   fully composable, bidirectional record fields, as well as support for
   automatically generating them from record types.

   vty- released. Corey O'Connor [8]announced release of
   [9]vty, a terminal UI library. This release brings a number of
   important fixes, features, and performance enhancements, including a
   completely rewritten output backend; efficient, "scanline
   rasterization" style output span generator; terminfo based display
   terminal implementation; improved Unicode support; 256 color support;
   and more.

   haskell-src-exts-1.1.4. Niklas Broberg [10]announced the release of
   [11]haskell-src-exts-1.1.4, a package for Haskell source code
   manipulation. The experimental code in Language.Haskell.Annotated{.*}
   has changed quite a lot, although the stable portion of the package
   interface has not changed. Significantly, the package now includes an
   exact-printer which allows round-tripping between parsing and
   pretty-printing to be the identity.

   Next BostonHaskell meeting: September 16th at MIT (32G-882).
   Ravi Nanavati [12]announced the September meeting of the Boston Area
   Haskell Users' Group, to be held Wednesday, September 16th from 7pm -
   9pm. As usual, it will be held in the MIT CSAIL Reading Room (32-G882,
   on the 8th floor of the Gates Tower of the MIT's Stata Center at 32
   Vassar St in Cambridge, MA). The featured speaker will be Edward Kmett,
   who will be presenting the second part of his monoids and parsing
   presentation: "A Parallel Parsing Trifecta: Iteratees, Parsec, and

   lenses -- Simple Functional Lenses. Job Vranish [13]announced the
   release of [14]lenses, a simple but powerful implementation of function
   lenses (aka functional references/accessors). This library provides a
   convenient way to access and update the elements of a structure. It is
   very similar to Data.Accessors, but simpler, a bit more generic and has
   fewer dependencies.

   Dutch HUG: meeting next week (September 11th) in Utrecht. Tom Lokhorst
   [15]invited functional programmers in The Netherlands to the [16]Dutch
   Haskell User Group, meeting Friday, September 11 at 19:00 in the
   [17]Booth Hall of the Utrecht University Library. Thomas (noknok) will
   be talking about his system for doing propositional logic in Haskell.
   Pedro will give an introductory talk about generic programming, and
   Sean will talk about xformat, a library for extensible and type-safe
   formatting with scanf- and printf-like functions. There is also still
   space for short 5-minute lighting talk about something related to
   Haskell or functional programming; contact Tom if you're interested.

   moe html combinator. Jinjing Wang [18]announced the release of [19]moe,
   a DSL for generating HTML.

   jail-0.0.1 - Jailed IO monad. Sebastiaan Visser [20]announced the first
   release of the [21]jail package, a jailed IO monad that can restrict
   filesystem access for your code.

   scion 0.1. Thomas Schilling [22]announced the first release of
   [23]Scion, a Haskell library that aims to implement those parts of a
   Haskell IDE which are independent of a particular front-end. Scion is
   based on the GHC API and Cabal. It provides both a Haskell API and a
   server for non-Haskell clients such as Emacs and Vim.

Blog noise

   [24]Haskell news from the [25]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Don Stewart (dons): [26]DEFUN 2009: Multicore Programming in
       Haskell Now!.
     * Bryan O'Sullivan: [27]Slides from my CUFP 2009 keynote talk.
     * LHC Team: [28]Yet another unfair benchmark..
     * Alex McLean: [29]Hackpact documentation.
     * >>> Jeff Foster: [30]Exploring Haskell's List Functions.
     * Don Stewart (dons): [31]Parallel Programming in Haskell: A Reading
     * David Amos: [32]Finite fields, part 2.
     * >>> Jeff Foster: [33]Debugging in Haskell.
     * apfelmus: [34]Fun with Morse Code.
     * Ketil Malde: [35]Parsing ints.
     * Alex McLean: [36]Hackpact.
     * Greg Bacon: [37]Finding duplicates with Perl and Haskell.
     * Colin Adams: [38]Selecting software for a replacement for this
     * Don Stewart (dons): [39]Haskell Popularity Rankings: September
     * Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson: [40][Stanford] MATH 198: Category Theory
       and Functional Programming.
     * Jeff Heard: [41]HDR imaging library for Haskell based on pfsutils.
     * David Amos: [42]Extension fields.
     * Magnus Therning: [43]Trying to work out iteratees.

Quotes of the Week

     * benmachine: ho hum. I understand both your positions. but i don't
       understand mine, now :(
     * ksf: agda is actually a secret mindwar-weapon of the illuminati,
       who want to wrack your nerves with excessively big symbol sets
       requiring a keyboard with 10 modifier keys. just like APL.
     * Axman6: does anyone else think that C++ looks like a dead fish?
     * Cale: The difference between Many Worlds and Copenhagen is a
       garbage collector ;)
     * apfelmus: Lambda Fu, form 72 - three way dragon zip: 'averages3 xs
       = zipWith3 avg xs (drop 1 xs) (drop 2 xs); where avg a b c =
       (a+b+c) / 3'

About the Haskell Weekly News

   New editions are posted to [44]the Haskell mailing list as well as to
   [45]the Haskell Sequence and [46]Planet Haskell. [47]RSS is also
   available, and headlines appear on [48]haskell.org.

   To help create new editions of this newsletter, please see the
   information on [49]how to contribute. Send stories to byorgey at cis
   dot upenn dot edu. The darcs repository is available at darcs get
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