Haskell Weekly News: Issue 152 - March 08, 2010

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Haskell Weekly News: Issue 152 - March 08, 2010


Haskell Weekly News
Issue 152 - March 08, 2010
   Welcome to issue 152 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   Hello Haskellers, this week brings updates to some standards (like
   Parsec), as well as some new tunes to the Haskell songbook. WAI and
   Yesod were released, giving some new options for Haskell-based web
   applications, Don Stewart made some improvements to his Genetic
   Optimizer system to include options from GHC's new LLVM backend, and I
   made some serious progress on the new HWN software.

   Speaking of the new software, there have been numerous reports of warts
   and other unfortunate things with the current editions of the HWN. Fear
   not, these warts are well known and being worked on intently.
   Unfortunately, it's somewhat difficult to fix them given the current
   publication software, however, in the new-and-improved version that
   (hopefully) should be entering use soon, these warts will be removed.

   So, without further interuption about the stylistic content,
   Haskellers, your Haskell Weekly News!


   Bluetile 0.3.1. Jan Vornberger [2]announced Bluetile, an adaptation of
   xmonad for the masses. Bluetile aims to make tiling window managers
   accessible by drawing on standard window manager conventions and
   idioms. ED: This is not technically an announcement, but it's very cool
   and everyone should check it out!

   yesod 0.0.0 (web framework). Michael Snoyman [3]announced the release
   of yesod, a web framework based on WAI.

   wai-0.0.0 (Web Application Interface). Michael Snoyman [4]announced the
   first release of wai, a library implementing the WAI protocol.

   iteratee-parsec 0.0.2. Maciej Piechotka [5]announced iteratee-parsec, a
   library which allows for parsec parsers in the IterateeG monad.

   Parsec 3.1.0. Derek Elkins [6]announced a new release of Parsec,
   containing many improvments due (primarily) to Antoine Latter.

   Progression-0.3 (supporting benchmarking in Haskell). Neil Brown
   [7]announced a new release of Progression. Progression is a utility
   built on top of Criterion for recording benchmarks for several version
   of your code.

   Ghent Functional Programming Group: First Meeting on April 1, 2010.
   Jeroen Janssen [8]announced the first meeting of the Ghent Functional
   Programming group, see the post for location and time details.

   PhD position in Functional Programming at Chalmers (deadline
   2010-04-07). Patrik Jansson [9]announced an opening for a PhD student
   at Chalmers, working in Functional Programming and DSELs.

   VSTTE 2010: Verified Software -- Third Call for Papers. Gudmund Grov
   [10]announced a third CFP for VSTTE 2010, the Third International
Conference on Verified Software: Theories, Tools, and Experiments.

   barchart-0.1.1. Sebastian Fischer [11]announced barchart, a command
   line program with an associated library for generating bar charts.

   Call for Participation: CHR Summer School. Jon Sneyers [12]announced a
   call for participation in the CHR Summer School on Programming and
   Reasoning with Rules and Constraints.


   Free theorem - what do we need it for. Maciej Piechotka [13]asked about
   Free Theorems and what they were good for.

   Has anybody translated Douglas Hofstadter's Scientific American
   articles introducting Scheme to a general audience into Haskell?
   Benjamin L. Russell [14]asked if anyone had considered translating
   Douglas Hofstadter's SciAm articles introducting Scheme to Haskell.

   Evolving Faster Haskell Programs (now with LLVM!). Don Stewart [15]our
   resident speed demon is at it again, harnessing the new LLVM backend of
   GHC and the power of Natural Selection to make his programs go even

Blog noise

   [16]Haskell news from the [17]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Neil Brown: [18]Synchronous Channels using MVars.
     * "FP Lunch": [19]Causal Semantics of (A)FRP.
     * Darcs: [20]darcs weekly news #56.
     * Dan Piponi (sigfpe): [21]Products, Limits and Parametric
     * Bryn Keller: [22]Real World Haskell.
     * Isaac Dupree: [23]Next Project, Move doc-parsing to from GHC to
     * Isaac Dupree: [24]Summer of Code Wrap-Up..
     * Isaac Dupree: [25]Status update.
     * Isaac Dupree: [26]platform progress.
     * Isaac Dupree: [27]another boring update, & question :-).
     * Isaac Dupree: [28]How To Navigate Your Code:.
     * Michael Snoyman: [29]Persistence.
     * Neil Brown: [30]Choice over Events using STM.
     * Michael Snoyman: [31]Tweedle Beetle Battle.
     * Galois, Inc: [32]The Semantics of Asynchronous Exceptions.
     * Bryan O'Sullivan: [33]What's in a parser? Attoparsec rewired (2/2).
     * Bryan O'Sullivan: [34]What's in a parsing library? (1/2).
     * Neil Brown: [35]Progression 0.3: Bar Charts and Normalisation.

Quotes of the Week

     * edwardk: heh, i'm amused the ParsecT that Antoine Latter put
       together is in the form of a right kan extension ;)
     * Philippa: <TR1N1TY> I'm selling botz and backdoors
       <Philippa> I'm selling bans
     * samlee (via reddit): haha those ghc options are longer than actual

About the Haskell Weekly News

   New editions are posted to [36]the Haskell mailing list as well as to
   [37]the Haskell Sequence and [38]Planet Haskell. [39]RSS is also
   available, and headlines appear on [40]haskell.org.

   To help create new editions of this newsletter, please see the
   information on [41]how to contribute. Send stories to jfredett . at .
   gmail . dot . com. The darcs repository is available at darcs get
   [42]http://patch-tag.com/r/jfredett/HWN2/pullrepo HWN2 .


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