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Haskell Weekly News: Issue 211

Daniel Santa Cruz
Welcome to issue 211 of the HWN, a newsletter covering developments in
the Haskell community. This release covers top stories found around the
net between January 01 to 14, 2012.

This is going to be a shorted version, as I have been out of time. I
did not want to let more time go by without a heartbeat from your
friendly HWN.

Happy coding!

You can find an HTML version at:

Quotes of the Week

   * <ddarius> xtalmath: #math or #not-math would probably be a more
     appropriate place to ask.
     <shachaf> ddarius: Those two channels pretty much cover it all.
     <ddarius> shachaf: You're clearly not an intuitionist.

   * monochrom: in fact, freedom is the freedom to write 2.2 = 4

   * Jafet: caleskell is the standard golf course.

   * byorgey: Escaped skolem! Authorities mount massive search. News at

   * BMeph: loves swapping function arguments, he said flippantly

   * kmc: "Haskell is great, because Curry-Howard! Proving things in the
     type system. We can prove that, uh, Ints exist, unless they're

   * Jafet: In Soviet Russia, State executes you

   * byorgey: that would be known as "low-dimensional linear algebra",
     where "low-dimensional" is said in as condescending a tone as

   * monochrom: at a crossroad you meet an angel (always tells the
     truth) or demon (always lies). the crossroad gives you two choices
     of roads, one to heaven, one to hell, and only the angel or demon
     knows which is which. if you ask "how would you answer if I asked
     'what is a monad?'", what will happen?

Top Reddit Stories

   * Dropbox tech blog » Using the Dropbox API from Haskell
     Domain: tech.dropbox.com, Score: 68, Comments: 4
     On Reddit: [1] http://goo.gl/rsndV
     Original: [2] http://goo.gl/g3RyF

   * A new approach to iteratees
     Domain: self.haskell, Score: 48, Comments: 99
     On Reddit: [3] http://goo.gl/ZRbGW
     Original: [4] http://goo.gl/ZRbGW

   * Haskell / Repa Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo
     Domain: youtube.com, Score: 45, Comments: 7
     On Reddit: [5] http://goo.gl/rzyZs
     Original: [6] http://goo.gl/15P2V

   * Order theory for computer scientists
     Domain: matt.might.net, Score: 39, Comments: 1
     On Reddit: [7] http://goo.gl/nTOfr
     Original: [8] http://goo.gl/HAVjQ

   * Generalizing Streams into Coroutines (with an introduction to functors, applicative functors and arrows)
     Domain: github.com, Score: 38, Comments: 15
     On Reddit: [9] http://goo.gl/hUopY
     Original: [10] http://goo.gl/avTUf

   * Well-Typed are hiring: Haskell consultant
     Domain: well-typed.com, Score: 38, Comments: 71
     On Reddit: [11] http://goo.gl/Chu7f
     Original: [12] http://goo.gl/VHPfJ

   * Why iteratees are hard to understand
     Domain: blog.ezyang.com, Score: 34, Comments: 11
     On Reddit: [13] http://goo.gl/LrEoV
     Original: [14] http://goo.gl/d1scG

   * Modern reall-world Haskell?
     Domain: self.haskell, Score: 33, Comments: 21
     On Reddit: [15] http://goo.gl/l0Aud
     Original: [16] http://goo.gl/l0Aud

   * FRP: reactive-banana is getting dynamic event switching
     Domain: apfelmus.nfshost.com, Score: 30, Comments: 3
     On Reddit: [17] http://goo.gl/dGblT
     Original: [18] http://goo.gl/ovRE5

   * wxHaskell and wxWidgets 2.9
     Domain: wewantarock.wordpress.com, Score: 29, Comments: 
     On Reddit: [19] http://goo.gl/sxiBx
     Original: [20] http://goo.gl/878Aj

   * Updated Yesod blog example: i18n, authentication, authorization, and database
     Domain: yesodweb.com, Score: 28, Comments: 22
     On Reddit: [21] http://goo.gl/4eDAT
     Original: [22] http://goo.gl/duzSG

   * Experiments in Haskell Packaging
     Domain: justhaskell.org, Score: 27, Comments: 5
     On Reddit: [23] http://goo.gl/y2vHk
     Original: [24] http://goo.gl/0nADv

   * http-conduit
     Domain: yesodweb.com, Score: 26, Comments: 26
     On Reddit: [25] http://goo.gl/gisUJ
     Original: [26] http://goo.gl/mMhaf

   * Reasoning about Stream Processing with Effects
     Domain: personal.cis.strath.ac.uk, Score: 26, Comments: 6
     On Reddit: [27] http://goo.gl/3Ckzr
     Original: [28] http://goo.gl/Uw8ZO

   * Simon Marlow's Parallel and Concurrent Programming Haskell (slides)
     Domain: self.haskell, Score: 26, Comments: 3
     On Reddit: [29] http://goo.gl/Rg0Lz
     Original: [30] http://goo.gl/Rg0Lz

   * Who is my Community? -- wxHaskell maintainer's thoughts on C bindings
     Domain: wewantarock.wordpress.com, Score: 26, Comments: 
     On Reddit: [31] http://goo.gl/tcqZN
     Original: [32] http://goo.gl/mRwQa

Top StackOverflow Questions

   * Fun with repeated fmap
     votes: 26, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [33] http://goo.gl/T2FPm

   * Can a compiler automatically detect pure functions without the type information about purity?
     votes: 23, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [34] http://goo.gl/wgYim

   * What does “floated out” mean?
     votes: 21, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [35] http://goo.gl/8J3no

   * Haskell projects to study and learn from?
     votes: 19, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [36] http://goo.gl/SHwsZ

   * How do you identify monadic design patterns?
     votes: 19, answers: 4
     Read on SO: [37] http://goo.gl/dE3EJ

   * how do I get good (small) shrinks out of QuickCheck?
     votes: 16, answers: 0
     Read on SO: [38] http://goo.gl/X3ZOs

   * Which applicative functor is used for passing shared parameters?
     votes: 14, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [39] http://goo.gl/UxmZK

   * Double map in haskell?
     votes: 12, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [40] http://goo.gl/uWpuz

   * Higher ranked and impredicative types
     votes: 12, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [41] http://goo.gl/zpkXn

   * Handling events in Haskell
     votes: 12, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [42] http://goo.gl/e7sV9

   * Does the term “monadic” in J have anything to do with its Haskell use?
     votes: 12, answers: 4
     Read on SO: [43] http://goo.gl/hTa2j

   * Any good articles on optimizing Haskell code?
     votes: 12, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [44] http://goo.gl/FzRrf

   * What is a “free variable”?
     votes: 11, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [45] http://goo.gl/Og5SC

   * Haskell Thread Communication Pattern Scenario
     votes: 10, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [46] http://goo.gl/3Rzq0

   * Defining a function by equations with different number of arguments
     votes: 10, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [47] http://goo.gl/hejqO

   * What functionality do you get for free with Functors or other type-classes?
     votes: 10, answers: 5
     Read on SO: [48] http://goo.gl/9hSlv

   * Why are types with no data constructors valid?
     votes: 10, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [49] http://goo.gl/Pp6Ze

   * Folding flatMap/bind over a list of functions (a.k.a. Name That Combinator!)
     votes: 9, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [50] http://goo.gl/bBtBI

Until next time,
   Daniel Santa Cruz


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