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Kim-Ee Yeoh

Recall the quote from the May Day 2015 issue:

The MLs and Haskell remind me of Brian Eno's line about how the first Velvet Underground album only sold 30,000 copies, but "everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band".

This issue spotlights Elm and Idris, two languages implemented in Haskell. Enjoy!

Top Picks:

Quotes of the Week:
  • ReinH: thanks puregreen for Lens over Tea series
    puregreen: is grinning all around
    ReinH: also thanks for not titling it "You could have written lens"
    johnw: ReinH, just skip to, "You could have been edwardk", it answer all other questions
    (Thanks to Gesh for the link.)

  • From HN: One thing I've learned from using immutable, functional languages (Elixir) is: "Don't tell your computer what to do, tell it how to transform data." While it may seem obvious, it's been a revelation for me and it has totally transformed how I write code, and especially how I test it.

  • From HN: FP people are nailing composability and reusability to never seen levels just in front of your eyes. You just have to keep them open to see. OOP did it at its time too, it just hit a ceiling; but there's one reason every imperative language is OOP nowadays.

  • From HN: As someone who learned Haskell and subsequently have been writing a lot of Python, I keep a mental tally of how many of my bugs (some of which took ages to track down) would have been caught immediately by a type system like Haskell's or Idris'. I'd say it's well over half.

  • From HN: Haskell syntax is the lingua franca when discussing anything related to data types and functional programming these days.

Videos of the Week:

-- Kim-Ee

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