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The Haskell Cafe 19261 113137
by Henk-Jan van Tuyl
This list is used for general discussion by bleeding-edge GHC hackers. 2560 13012
by Joachim Breitner-2
Discussion about libraries for Haskell 2678 22481
by David Feuer
A special interest group for companies and individuals interested in commercial usage of Haskell. This list is meant to foster discussion around improving various aspects of the Haskell ecosystem for such use cases. 43 106
by Michael Snoyman
The Glasgow Haskell Users Mailing List 2979 17029
by Ranjit Jhala
The Haskell-Beginners mailing list is for the discussion of primarily beginner-level topics related to the Haskell language. Feel free to ask beginner-level questions, or to discuss beginner-level topics, related to Haskell here. 3854 17090
by Bob Ippolito
The Glasgow Haskell Bugs Mailing List 17987 82450
by GHC - devs mailing l...
The Haskell Mailing List 4472 8229
by Michael Snoyman
Mailing list for the xmonad window manager. Developer and user discussion. 5172 15033
by Peter Jones
Group for discussions related to the Haskell Servant framework: http://haskell-servant.github.io/ 36 113
by Andres Loeh-5
Haskell' - A Haskell Standard Revision - discussion list 327 2087
by Saurabh Nanda
General discussion about the Haskell pipes ecosystem, including bugs, feature requests, questions, and announcements. 44 272
by Gabriel Gonzalez
The Haskell FFI Mailing List 22 50
by Henning Thielemann
C->Haskell binding generator 416 613
by Manuel M T Chakravar...
OpenGL Haskell binding discussions 180 511
by Sven Panne-2
Discussion about Template Haskell 90 267
by Sumit Sahrawat, Math...
The Hugs Users Mailing List 124 306
by Neil Mitchell
Bug reports and fixes for nhc98 16 27
by J├╝rgen Pfitzenmaier
List for all users of nhc98 20 45
by Ed Soares
The Hugs Bugs Mailing List 166 367
by Ed Soares
4 6
by Ed Soares
Hat, the Haskell tracing system 78 215
by Ed Soares
Discussion about an automatic documentation generation tool for Haskell 11 28
by Ed Soares
Fedora Haskell List 17 29
by David Anderson
Development of the Blobs diagram editor 11 20
by David Anderson
GTK+ Haskell Binding Discussions 3 3
by Shinka
GUI API Task Force 7 10
by shelarcy