Haskell prime: the sequel (2011)

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Haskell prime: the sequel (2011)

Malcolm Wallace

The new committee for Haskell language standardisation has been  
appointed, based on public nominations.  I am the new chair.


In case you missed it, the previous committee resulted in the minor  
revision of the language called Haskell 2010.  The next revision  
(Haskell 2011) is due to be decided later this year, around October-
November, and published by the beginning of 2011.

I would like to emphasise that the future of Haskell is in the hands  
of the whole community - and that means you.  The committee's role is  
to make decisions, but the task of making and refining proposals  
belongs with the language's users.  Please cogitate, agitate, and  
formulate!  Here is how to get your language idea accepted:


(Don't forget that you can propose _removal_ of features, as well as  

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