[JOB] NYU's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology seeks Functional Programmer

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[JOB] NYU's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology seeks Functional Programmer

Ashish Agarwal
<Relevance to this list: The posting below is for an OCaml programmer but welcomes applications from Haskell programmers.>

Dear Functional Programmers,

I am pleased to announce a job opportunity at The Center for Genomics and Systems Biology (CGSB) at New York University (NYU), located in the heart of Manhattan. The position's main function will be to develop software in the OCaml language to manage, analyze, and display the vast amounts of data generated by next-generation sequencing technologies. NYU's strong commitment to this field is represented by its $100M investment in the brand new CGSB building, which houses the latest sequencing platforms and excellent high performance computing facilities.

The position will support the computational needs of several experimental labs by designing and building:
o A database for tracking samples, very large quantities of raw data, and complex analysis results
o A website for users to submit new samples, monitor progress of their workflow, and visualize data
o A system for distributing batch jobs to a cluster, accounting for dependencies between jobs and cached results

All components are expected to follow good functional programming design. There are no formal experience or education requirements. Although the software will be written in OCaml, we welcome applicants with experience in other functional languages, especially Haskell, F#, and SML. There is flexibility in the exact nature of the position; you may expand your work to machine learning, parallel programming, or any of the many topics relevant to bioinformatics, so long as the core requirements of the position are fulfilled. Experience in the following areas is a plus but not required: bioinformatics, statistics, type theory, distributed computing, and UNIX systems administration.

NYU researchers are using sequencing technologies to investigate basic questions about the nature of life and to address fundamental problems in human health. The very large datasets generated by these technologies pose significant computational challenges for which the robust principles of functional programming are ideally suited. I hope you will find this an exciting opportunity.

If you are interested, please contact me with a CV and brief description of your background. Thank you.

Ashish Agarwal
New York University

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