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Kernkonzept is hiring!

Christiane Berndt
Dear all,

[My excuses if see this email more than once]

Kernkonzept seeks outstanding formal-methods experts to join
their team in Dresden, Germany. Applicants should have a
background in formal methods and software verification. Please
visit for the concrete job

Kernkonzept is a small and friendly operating-systems engineering
company that leverages the microkernel-based L4Re operating
system for industrial use. The formal-methods engineers at
Kernkonzept will have the task to prepare the safety and security
certification of the L4Re system according to different
international standards. If you are interested or have questions,
please contact us at [hidden email].

Kind regards,
Christiane Berndt


[hidden email] - Tel. 0351-41 888 615

Kernkonzept GmbH.  Sitz: Dresden.  Amtsgericht Dresden, HRB 31129.
Geschäftsführer: Dr.-Ing. Michael Hohmuth
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