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Trevor Elliott-3
Hi All,

I've implemented support for literate markdown in a branch [1].  After
doing a search on the bug tracker to see if anyone had already worked on
this I came across bug #4836 [2], which details some unexpected
interactions between the markdown format, unlit and CPP.  Specifically,
unlit attempts to keep CPP in the comment sections of a literate file,
which clashes with the way that headings are defined in markdown.

The approach that I took is that when GHC is processing markdown files,
it passes the -r and -# flags to unlit, causing it to remove CPP in the
comment parts of the file.  I've added support for .markdown and .md as
source file extensions supported by GHC to be able to detect when this
is necessary.  CPP can still be used within code blocks, giving a path
forward for the case where the file was generated by something that
wishes to leave #line markers.  I've documented the changes on the wiki
at [3].

Does this approach sound reasonable?  If so, should I attach a patch to
#4836, or create a new ticket?




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