Looking for co-maintainers(s) for github package.

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Looking for co-maintainers(s) for github package.

Oleg Grenrus
Hi list,

I have now been a maintainer of `github` [1] package for about four
years. GitHub still develops and changes their API (good) and still
doesn't provide machine readable specification (bad), thus the package
needs some active maintenance. As I'm not using the package anymore
myself, I often forget about its existence. Therefore I'm looking for a
(co-)maintainers which use `github` package themselves, and could
eventually take over the maintenance.

In the past year I haven't written any code for the package myself, only
reviewing and merging other people contributions, and preparing releases
when there are enough changes. I don't ask you to do anything else either.

- Oleg "phadej" Grenrus

[1]: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/github

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