Mathematically Structured Functional Programming 2018: Call for Participation

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Mathematically Structured Functional Programming 2018: Call for Participation

Bob Atkey
Seventh Workshop on
Sunday 8th July 2018, Oxford, UK
A satellite workshop of FSCD 2018



Register here:
Early registration deadline: Wednesday 6th June

Invited Speakers:

  - Tamara von Glehn, University of Cambridge, UK
  - Didier Remy, INRIA, France

The seventh workshop on Mathematically Structured Functional
Programming is devoted to the derivation of functionality from
structure. It is a celebration of the direct impact of Theoretical
Computer Science on programs as we write them today. Modern
programming languages, and in particular functional languages, support
the direct expression of mathematical structures, equipping
programmers with tools of remarkable power and abstraction. Where
would Haskell be without monads? Functional reactive programming
without temporal logic?  Call-by-push-value without adjunctions? The
list goes on. This workshop is a forum for researchers who seek to
reflect mathematical phenomena in data and control.

The first MSFP workshop was held in Kuressaare, Estonia, in July 2006,
affiliated with MPC 2006 and AMAST 2006. The second MSFP workshop was
held in Reykjavik, Iceland as part of ICALP 2008. The third MSFP
workshop was held in Baltimore, USA, as part of ICFP 2010. The fourth
workshop was held in Tallinn, Estonia, as part of ETAPS 2012. The
fifth workshop was held in Grenoble, France, as part of ETAPS
2014. The sixth MSFP Workshop was held in April 2016, in Eindhoven,
Netherlands, just after ETAPS 2016.


See also 
for abstracts.

09:00 Invited speaker: Tamara von Glehn
       Polynomial models of type theory
10:00 Maaike Zwart and Dan Marsden
       Some No-Go Theorems for Distributive Laws (extended abstract)

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Jeremy Pope
       Formalizing Constructive Quantifier Elimination in Agda
11:45 Exequiel Rivas
       Relating Idioms, Arrows and Monads from Monoidal Adjunctions

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Invited Speaker: Didier Remy
       Ornamentation put into practice in ML
15:00 Jeremy Gibbons and Guillaume Boisseau
       Profunctor Optics and the Yoneda Lemma

15:30 Coffee

16:00 Jules Hedges
       Backward induction for repeated games
16:45 Conor McBride
       Everybody's Got To Be Somewhere

Program Committee:

     Andreas Abel      - Chalmers, Sweden
     Danel Ahman       - INRIA Paris, France
     Robert Atkey      - University of Strathclyde, UK (co-chair)
     Jeremy Gibbons    - University of Oxford, UK
     Jennifer Hackett  - University of Nottingham, UK
     Mauro Jaskelioff  - Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina
     Shin-ya Katsumata - National Institute of Informatics, Japan
     Sam Lindley       - University of Edinburgh, UK (co-chair)
     Clare Martin      - Oxford Brookes University, UK
     Shin-Cheng Mu     - Academia Sinica, Taiwan
     Valeria de Paiva  - Nuance Communications, US
     Alexandra Silva   - University College London, UK
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