Memory Profiling Graph Explanation!

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Memory Profiling Graph Explanation!

Gilberto Melfe
Hello all!

  I'm trying to understand the memory allocation charts produced by the Haskell GHC profiler.

  My doubt at this moment is this:
    the graph shown at [1], is what is called an Area Graph;
    but I can't find information on what sort of area graph it is, is it an overlapped area graph or a stacked area graph?
    or put another way, is the higher point (more or less horizontally centered) value read from the x (seconds) axis (from 0K) or from the top "line" for the lesser area plots (namely from around 4k)

  So, is the highest value an absolute value taken from the y axis, or that value minus the higher value for the 2nd greatest area plot in the graph?

  Thank You Very Much in advance for any help!

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